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Builder Update 
Friday, October 29 2010

The new layout columns component can be used to customize the page layout by adding additional columns into the main layout areas.

The new column component works with the existing page layouts by adding additional columns into the main section areas. You can use this component to create a layout that has 4 columns across the top, with 3 columns in the middle of the page and 4 columns at the bottom. Within each column, you can move components up and down. Currently, there is not an option to move components between each of the columns.

To add additional columns to a section, edit any page and click the add button in the section where you want the columns to appear. Select the column layout component from the design/layout menu. The column layout component works like the tabbed groupbox component. Enter a name for each column and then click the add button. Customize the column display.

Customization options

* Column spacing (space between columns)
* Column padding (space inside of columns)
* Background color (default/per column)
* Border color (default/per column)
* Border size
* Column set width
* Column height (if column content is taller than the specified height scrolbars are added)

After configuring your columns, you just need to edit the page and add content into each of the column areas.

Let us know what you think about this new feature by leaving a comment.


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