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How Do We Provide A+ Customer Service 
Customer Service
A+ Customer Service & Technical Support

All In One Easy WebSite is dedicated to serving you.

We aim to make your experience in creating your website as easy and enjoyable as it can be with the All In One Easy Website builder.

Just contact us here and we will reply to you with any questions and concerns. 

Our Customer Service Department coordinates any questions to the appropriate departments at All In One Easy WebSite, where you get expert advice from the correct expert in our company.

Our team consists of Customer Service Representatives, Web Designers, WebSite Developers, Billing and Account Specialist, Internet Business Consultants, and Marketing Specialist.

Dedicated Team Of Professionals:

Customer Service Department

The Customer Service Department is our front line to you. This department is responsible in coordinating all inquiries to the appropriate experts and in replying to you in a prompt and reasonable manner.

Our turnaround service standard is 24 hours. It could be faster depending on your time zone. For more complex technical questions it may take longer, but the Customer Service Rep. will advise you appropriately.

Web Designer

Our Web Designers are responsible in providing detailed answers and instructions for any web design related questions.

They also provide and develop enhancements to the custom website design component of the online builder.  

WebSite Developers

Our WebSite Developers are responsible in providing you with detailed answers to any technical related questions relating to website building, domain names, server related questions, coding, FTP errors, which occur within the realm of All In One Easy Website online builder.

They also provide and implement enhancements to the online builder features. 

Billing & Accounts

Our Billing and Accounts Department is responsible to review any billing and account related questions.

Their main responsibility is to maintain your accounts and billing information.

Internet Business Consultants

Our Internet Business Consultants are responsible in generating the newsletters that contain advice & tips to help in your Internet Business.

In the next few months, they will be rolling out several newsletter groups that will allow you to sign-up to receive email advice and tips to specific topics that can help in your Internet business.

They will be responsible in answering any questions related to any information rolled out in the newsletters.

Marketing Department

The Marketing Department is responsible in providing detailed answers to the 'search engine and marketing' section of the All In One Easy Website online builder.

They also provide and develop enhancements to the 'search engine and marketing' component of the online builder

Our Marketing Department also keeps an eye on what is happening in the Internet in reference to promoting and advertising in the World Wide Web. Although All In One Easy WebSite is a website builder, we realize that all Internet Businesses will eventually want to promote their websites. Therefore, their key objective is to find tools and service that can help you promote and improve your Internet Business.

When you see ad(s) on certain parts of our website or on newsletters, they are pre-selected by the Marketing Department. These pre-selected ad(s) are topic related only. They are place there to provide referrals to you. Its purpose is to provide help not advertising. 

All In One Easy WebSite are supported by two offices located in Toronto, Ontario Canada and Houston, Texas USA. 

Our Customer Service Department, Internet Business Consultants and our Marketing Team are located in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Our Web Designers, WebSite Developers and our Account and Billing Department is located Houston, Texas USA.

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